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Singing Lifts the Soul 
and Brings
Joy and Happiness
to the heart.

Our Mission


The mission of AFC Arts for the Community is to promote and offer live performances of the arts for the enjoyment of the audience and the artists.  Sharing live music together is a postivie and invigorating experience for all.


Based in Connecticut

Director, President

Marlane Tubridy


Current or Upcoming Events

St Emerys Lenten Reflection 2023-2.png
35 Norfield Road Weston CT 06883.png


Ways to Volunteer or Participate with future events


As a Choir Member


Learn music by accessing rehearsal AUDIOS on site

and attending rehearsals. 


Singers range from professionally trained vocalists

to "I Love To Sing" enthusiasts.

Other Ways to Volunteer or Participate

Stage manager
Audio/Video Tech Support
Assist in Promotion of event
Event Reception 
Past Concerts

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