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If music makes you smile and makes you nod your head to the beat, then maybe you would enjoy
being a part of the music from the stage side?
Sing in the Choir


Our singers range from professionally trained vocalists to  "I Love To Sing" enthusiasts. Some have sung in choirs before. Some have sung solo. Some have never sung in a choir before.  It all comes together magically, into a wonderful "Rainbow" of joyous and inspiring sound.  Inspired and enthusiastic, CantiamoCHOIR is a special and invigorating choir that uplifts and brings joy to its audience.  It is a love affair between performer and audience. 



Everyone learns and grows.  Singing in a choir is a wonderful and unique way to build on skills you have already begun or to begin from the start of singing together in a choir.  If you read music, you will brush up your skills.  If you have never learned to read music, you will learn a little at a time while having fun.  If you are a trained vocalist you will use your skills and if you have never studied before you will begin to learn to sing, and how to interpret music for performance. 



Each concert will have a specified number of rehearsals for the event. You will be given access to rehearsal music files that you can rehearse at your own computer as often as you want. ​Rehearsal schedules will be provided upon joining.



There is no membership fee nor minimum tickets sales required. All that is asked that one enjoys singing and making music together to shar and  enjoy with the audience, 

Guest Musician/Artist
(Professional Musician/Dancer)

We welcome guest artists and musicians to be part of our benefit concerts.  It is a wonderful way to be involved with the community and to share your joy of performing. Previous guest artists have included guest orchestras, guest vocal ensembles,guest dancers and guest instrumentalists.

If you are a soloist or part of a performance group that would be interested in sharing 
 your talents as a guest performer and would like to participate in one of the benefit concerts, please contact the Director via our email page.  



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